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Henderson Elementary
Mission, Vision and Values
Together we Grow, Forever we Learn

At Henderson Elementary we establish high standards for student achievement by:

1. Promoting quality, student-centered learning where children are creative and responsible independent thinkers and problem solvers.

  • We communicate, teach and model risk taking, problem solving, independence and life-long learning.
  • We speak and act respectfully to students, colleagues, and parents.
  • We are aware of students’ needs and tailor instruction to meet their needs.

2. Establishing a safe, respectful and responsible environment that recognizes individual differences in students and adults.

  • We teach and support the Francis Howell School District curriculum daily.
  • We communicate state and district expectations to the community.

3. Working collaboratively with students, colleagues, and parents as a collaborative team, we will promote high levels of achievement by:

  • Having focused and open communication among grade levels and departments.
  • Defining essential outcomes for student learning.
  • Measuring student progress against a common standard.
  • Establishing interventions to meet all needs.
  • Keeping abreast of current educational research.
  • Supporting a challenging student-centered curriculum with high expectations.
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